April 23, 2018

Tech Tuesday for April 17, 2018

Teachers Using Technology
Teachers of the Week: Beth Becher and Anne West

Beth is the Assistive Technology & Transition Coordinator and Anne is the Teacher for the Visually Impaired. Together they make a dynamic team of teachers using technology! They have provided some great tips for sharing and completing worksheets digitally.

  1. On Chromebooks: Kami
  2. On iPads: Notability & SnapType
  3. For Teachers: Use Genius Scan with Google Drive
    1. Get Genius Scan on your Android Phone
    2. Get Genius Scan on your iPhone
We love these tools because:
  1. They save time on grading/feedback (can comment and return to students online).
  2. They support student organization skills (everything is in one spot online...students won't lose the worksheet!)
  3. Built-in supports for writing. (Kami, Notability, and SnapType can be used with speech to text and word prediction tools.)
  4. Built-in supports for reading the text. (SnapandRead can read it aloud, highlight words, translate the text, and level it down.)
  5. Genius Scan saves you a trip down to the printer to scan in a worksheet...just take a picture of it and upload straight to Google Drive and share with your student!

Do you know of a great use of technology by a Westfield Teacher? Share your own technology tip with me or nominate another teacher!
Google Tip of the Week
Learning Menus
Learning menus provide a form of differentiation by giving student choice in their learning. This blog post from ShakeUpLearning.com demonstrates how and why to implement learning menus with Google Docs and other Google tools. Kasey Bell even provides a free Tic-Tac-Toe Google Doc template to get you started.
Podcast Pick of the Week
Assist Learning Podcast

“This show is all about functioning in an ever increasing digital world with learning disabilities. Created by Jennifer Cronk who is dyslexic and has executive dysfunction, this show is designed to empower students, teachers, and parents to assist learning for all students.”

What I've been training on

I recently visited WIS and conducted a training session on Padlet. Is Padlet a teacher’s most versatile EdTech tool? Visit my blog post to see all the resources and find out for yourself!
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