Gmail Training

Welcome to our Gmail Training page.  If you just need a quick start, this document should do it.
Below you will find many useful videos that show you how to use Gmail.

10 basics to get you started


Filter Marketplace Emails

You know you don't want to risk missing a great deal on Marketplace.  However, it can be overwhelming to get emails all day long.  Take control of your inbox.  Create a filter to move all those emails to a label and skip your inbox. 
Here's the short version of the steps.

1. Go to the gear icon and then settings.
2. Click "Filters and Blocked Addresses."
3. Click "Create a new filter."
4. Put "" in the to field.
5. Check the boxes that say:
    a. Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
    b. Apply the label: (Create New Label) and make a new label called Marketplace
6. Click "Create Filter."

Additional Videos

Manage Marketplace Membership- You can join or leave the # Marketplace Group anytime you want.
Advanced Gmail Training- Ready to go to the next level with Gmail?  This video is 23 minutes and 46 seconds of technical Gmail information.  Don't miss it! Here's the outline I followed while making the video.
Gmail Stars

iPhone and iPad Setup for Gmail

For advanced configuration, including the ability to send emails to distribution lists from your phone and the option to turn off conversation view from your phone use Exchange as explained in this document.  This will sync your calendars as well.