Google Drive

Get Started

1. Check out the Official Google Drive Intro Video. This is the one video everyone should watch to get started with Google Drive.
2. Read all about Google Drive. Follow this link to read my Official Drive Training document.  This is the key to successfully completing the Google Drive Workshop.
3. The definitive guide to Google Drive Organization, including the Goodwill analogy.

Detailed Video Training

Fantastic Google Drive and Google Docs training is available from Synergyse.  Here are 2 ways to use it.
1. A video library, with instructions on nearly every Google product.  You will need to login with your school Gmail account to access it.  Browse through the list of videos on the right to look for topics that interest you.
2. A Google Chrome extension that plays videos and even walks you through step by step instructions for the Google product you are using.  You need to be using the Chrome web browser, have the extension installed, and be logged in to your school Gmail account to access it.

Are you a techie, power-user, or just want to learn at a blistering fast pace?  

Check out the Video Speed Controller Chrome extension.  This will allow you to increase the playback speed of pretty much any video on the web, including all the Google Drive training videos.  Based on my calculation, there are about 37 minutes of Synergyse videos about Google Drive. If you watch at 2x speed, you could do the whole training in less than 20 minutes!