February 14, 2018

Tech Tuesday for October 3, 2017

Google Tip of the Week
Google My Maps


It’s like Google Maps but you get to customize it! The possibilities are endless! Many teachers are using Google My Maps as a HyperDoc. Students can follow points along the map to complete the lesson.

See this blog post by Lisa Nowakowski about using Google My Maps in the Classroom.
Lisa also has a YouTube Playlist showing you many tips for using My Maps.

Teachers Using Technology
Do you know of a great use of technology by a Westfield Teacher? Share your own technology tip with me or nominate another teacher!

Teacher of the Week: Ryan Bunnell, WHS Geography and History of the World teacher

Tools: Flipgrid, Chatterpix, HyperDocs, Powtoon, and more.

Ryan uses a variety of interactive digital tools to increase efficiency, student engagement, and learning.

Ryan loves Flipgrid and it’s probably his favorite app/website that he’s discovered in a while. It is a great platform for discussion by allowing students to submit video responses to a prompt and also comment on other students’ videos. There is so much you can do with Flipgrid. Ryan has already used Flipgrid for several lessons, but he’s excited about the potential that this versatile tool has to transform future lessons. Flipgrid is great for inquiry based learning and can foster a spirit of inquisitiveness in students.

Another app Ryan uses is Chatterpix. Chatterpix allows students to make any picture talk. Students in his class have used it to create short, picture biographies in a way that raises student engagement and is fun for them. Thinglink is another site Ryan just discovered and is learning about. Thinglink allows you to create interactive images and videos with additional notes, photos, audio, video and other multimedia content.

Also checkout HyperDocs and Powtoon.

Connect with Ryan: x6887    bunnellr@wws.k12.in.us   Twitter: @CoachBunnell

Pick of the Week
Leveraging technology for learning when you're absent

Chris Nesi interviews Nate Nagele about Harnessing #EdTech When You’re Absent. One of the best ways to utilize technology is to make a video of your lesson. When you are gone, students and substitutes can watch the same video so there’s no confusion about what you said.

Tools and extensions that let you record videos.
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