February 14, 2018

Tech Tuesday for October 24, 2017

Odds and Ends
40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club
Are you driving yourself crazy and working way more than 40 hours per week as a teacher? Listen up to these tips from experienced teachers.
1. Eliminate unintentional breaks.
2. Figure out The Main Thing and do it first.
3. Work ahead by batching and avoid multi-tasking. (Wow, Batch processing tasks! This sounds exactly like what I recommend in my Effective Email with Inbox Zero method!)
4. Look for innovative ways to relax any standards that create unnecessary work.
5. Use scheduling to create boundaries around your time.

I got these 5 tips from Angela Watson when she was interviewed by Jennifer Gonzalez. For more details, listen to Cult of Pedagogy 33: Five Powerful Ways to Save Time as a Teacher or read the transcript of the podcast.

I think these 5 tips can really help improve your work/life balance, but if you want more, you can join Angela’s 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club. It’s $119 for a lifetime membership.

Check out Jennifer Gonzalez’s poddcast called “The Cult of Pedagogy.”
Check out Angela Watson’s podcast called “Truth for Teachers.”
App Pick of the Week

Do you or your students work better with some soothing background noise?
Noisli can make it sound like you’re in a coffee shop, on a train, at the beach, and more. There’s also a Google Chrome Extension.
Google Tip of the Week
Be Internet Awesome
“Helping kids be safe, confident explorers of the online world.”
Be Internet Awesome is a fantastic digital citizenship curriculum from Google. There are resources for teachersand games for kids to play.

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