Effective Email with Inbox Zero

Email is a tool. If used poorly, email will waste time and cause miscommunication. If used properly, email is a powerful and efficient communication tool. Watch the video to begin the journey of Effective Email with Inbox Zero.

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No, really. You have to watch the video first!

Effective Email FAQ

Effective Email FAQ

Four Steps to Effective Email

  1. Be Intentional.
  2. Process Email in Batches.
  3. Process each Email Once.
  4. Get to Inbox Zero.

Four Choices for Every Email

  1. Delete.
  2. Action or reply.
  3. Put on your To Do list.
  4. File or archive.

Email Intervention: Do surgery on your Inbox

Follow these steps and watch the video.

  1. Select all the emails in your Inbox.
  2. Click the Archive button.
  3. Your Inbox is now empty.
  4. The emails will still be in your 'All Mail' folder if you need them.