Best EdTech Resources

There are so many great resources for teaching, learning, and technology. This page is designed to list the top go-to resources for WWS teachers.

Heichelbech Web Tools

This site is produced by Kara Heichelbech, a Digital Communications teacher at Clark-Pleasant Middle School in Greenwood, Indiana. Kara has categorized nearly 300 educational technology tools. She provides a brief description of each tool and rates it on ease of use. If you need a tech tool, Kara probably has it for you!

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark allows teachers and students to easily create engaging web stories and videos. It can be used on any computer in the web browser or on iPad via the Spark Video or Spark Page app.

Book Creator

Book Creator allows you and your students to easily combine various multimedia resources into beautiful online books. It works on iPads and Chrome. Here is a good YouTube video with an overview of Book Creator.


Padlet is a very easy way to collect feedback and formative assessments.

SPARCC EdTech PD and Webinars

Access recorded webinars and hundreds of educational resources provided by this Ohio edtech consortium.