March 15, 2020

Video Tools in Education March 2020

There are so many great ways to create and share videos with your students. You'll need a few basic things to work with video.

1. A device with a camera and microphone such as a phone, iPad, or laptop.
2. An app that will allow you to record the video.
3. An app that will let you host the video so that other people can watch it.

Some apps allow you to record and host video, while others only let you do one of these.

  1. Loom (
    1. Record your computer screen and optionally include a video of yourself.
    2. Videos can be hosted and shared directly on Loom, but you may want to consider downloading each video and hosting it on Microsoft Stream or Flipgrid.
    3. Teachers get Loom Pro for free.
    4. Alternatives include Screencastify and Soapbox.
  2. Flipgrid (
    1. Record yourself talking or draw on a whiteboard.
    2. Videos are hosted on Flipgrid and private to your class.
    3. You can upload a video that you've taken with another app.
    4. Students can respond with their own videos.
    5. Students and teachers already have accounts, just login with Microsoft.
    6. Easy to use, and specifically designed for the classroom
    7. Videos are limited to 5 minutes.
  3. Microsoft Stream (
    1. Similar to YouTube, but private and only for users at Kingsway.
    2. Upload and host videos on Stream.
    3. Create your own channel.
    4. Videos can be shared with everyone in the school, or a specific group.
    5. Videos can be as long as you need.
    6. No option to record videos directly on Stream yet.
  4. WeVideo (
    1. Create, record, edit, and host your videos.
    2. Designed for education.
    3. Can be used by teachers and students.
    4. Choose login with Office 365.
  5. Camera app
    1. Use the camera app built into your phone, laptop, or iPad.
    2. Upload the video to Flipgrid or Stream.
  6. Microsoft Teams
    1. Create web conference meetings.
    2. Teachers have the option to record the meeting.
    3. Recorded meetings are automatically saved to Stream and students who missed the meeting can watch later.
  7. Record Video Inside PowerPoint
    1. See this Tweet that has demonstration video.