March 6, 2018

Tech Tuesday Newsletter for March 6, 2018

Teachers Using Technology
Do you know of a great use of technology by a Westfield Teacher? Share your own technology tip with me or nominate another teacher!

Teacher of the Week: Todd Hagemeier, 7th grade Physical Education and Wellness 7/8 elective

Tool: MOVE IT extension for Google Chrome

Todd found out about MOVE IT from a podcast called The PE Geek. Episode 100 listed 100 ways to use technology in the PE classroom, but many of these can apply in any classroom. The MOVE IT extension works like a pop up ad. When a person is sedentary on a device or at their desk MOVE IT will pop up and prompt the user to do an exercise such as 10 arm circles. You can set an interval amount so that it reminds you to move anywhere from 5 to 55 minutes. Install MOVE IT today!

As a physical educator, Todd loves this tool to get people up and moving. This is a great reminder for people who work at a desk all day to get up and move around more. Not the most sophisticated piece of technology, but it helps people MOVE!

Connect with Todd: @THEMrHagemeier  and @wmsrocksfb  x1665
Blog Pick of the Week
Digital Writing with Google Tools
Educator Eric Curts breaks down 8 stages of the writing process and shares how Google tools can help students each step of the way. Stage 5 about peer and teacher feedback is particularly inspirational to me. Check out the full blog post and follow Eric Curts on Twitter.
Google Tip of the Week
Simple music-making for everyone
Google recently announced a new web tool for Google Chrome called Chrome Music Lab. There are 13 different options to create sounds and music. I am terrible at music and even I found it fun to play around with. The Song Maker is a great one to get started with.
What I've been training on
Google Drive Organization
Did you know that organizing your Google Drive is a lot like shopping at Goodwill? My YouTube Video explains it! As always, please feel free to reach out to me about any help you need using Google Drive.
Odds and Ends
Continuing the theme of physical activity, here’s an interesting article about an elementary school that doubled recess time.
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