February 14, 2018

Tech Tuesday for February 6, 2018

App Pick of the Week
Desmos Math

“Graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more – for free!”

I recently heard about Desmos on the House of Edtech Episode 102. Desmos can function as a graphing calculator but it also has hundreds of math lessons that you can assign to your students.
Google Tip of the Week
YouTube Channels

YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning technology and discovering new tools. Here are a few channels that I find helpful. I subscribe to channels so that I get notified about new videos. This keeps me informed about the latest trends in educational technology.

My channel: WWS Technology Training

Teachers.Tech                                                                                                        Flipped Classroom Tutorials
What I've been training on
K-4: Google Classroom
7-12: Canvas
Google Forms
In this quick video, I show how to use Google Forms to make quiz that automatically grades itself and how you can use that as a template for creating more quizzes.
Gmail Labels
This video shows you many features of labeling your emails.
Adobe Spark
Teachers Using Technology
Do you know of a great use of technology by a Westfield Teacher? Share your own technology tip with me or nominate another teacher!

Teacher of the Week: Wayne Shipe, Music Teacher at SSES

Technology Items:
  1. Google Sites
  2. Google Drive
  3. Windows Media Player (to convert songs to mp3 format)
  4. Audacity Software (to edit songs, change tempos, key, etc.)
  5. Computer
Wayne uses Google Sites to have one central resource for parents and students. This improves parent communication by  providing an up-to-date source of what the students are singing and doing in music class as well as a general overview of what music concepts they’re learning about. Students sing, listen, play instruments, write what they hear - it’s a full-contact, not spectator subject.

By having a class website, parents and students are kept on the same page as the teacher. With a detailed listing of what’s going on in class, the parent is better able to glean insight on how their child is approaching music class. Student learning is impacted by providing them with something that they can use outside music class either for enjoyment or to extend their learning. In depth learning is predicated on repeated exposures and Google Sites enables a student to access what’s going on in class at home.

Wayne also collects parent email addresses and puts them in group in Google Contacts. Having a group listing for Kindergarten and Grades 1 through 4 parents provides a quick, easy, and effective means of sharing information on upcoming events.

Visit his website here: https://sites.google.com/wws.k12.in.us/shamrock-springs-music

Connect with Wayne:    shipew@wws.k12.in.us 
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